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Welcome to the Discussion Board of the New Zealand Society of Great Britain. Anyone may view the posts, but to make a post you first need to register. Currently it is set so that anyone can register, but we would like you to tell us whether or not you are a member of the NZSGB. When you register, you will be sent an automatically generated email so that you can confirm that it is you. If you do not receive the email then please look in your junk or spam folder as it is possible that the email ended up there.

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The NZSGB exists for the study of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and its Dependencies. You can join the Society through the NZSGB website.

This board has just been set up and so comments on how it can be improved are very welcome and should be posted under the Sub-Topic 'General Comments'. When you register, can you also please introduce yourself by making a post in the Sub-Topic 'New Member Introductions'.

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New Member Bruun94
19/7/2018, 9:36 pm
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Posting Images
5/7/2009, 4:57 pm

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4/8/2009, 9:44 pmCOQK 

5/7/2009, 1:04 pmVR 
Re: NZ Post using real stamps!! - 21/7/2009, 12:36 pm by RolyRJ

6/7/2009, 1:12 pmNZ285 
Re: SSF watermark 'peculiarity' - 6/7/2009, 4:37 pm by VR
Re: SSF watermark 'peculiarity' - 6/7/2009, 7:43 pm by NZ285

7/6/2009, 9:29 pmVR 

14/5/2009, 1:14 pmBob 
Another Airmail Cover from June 1940 - 3/6/2009, 10:21 am by Bob

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