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18/6/2009, 10:42 pm

Re: Posting Images


The following worked for me to upload the images under the "AR" thread.

  • Go to your 'photobucket' account and highlight the image you want to upload
  • Left Click on the image and you should see a box on the left side of the screen "Share This Image".
  • Left Click on the box "Direct Link"
  • "Ctrl+C" - press 'Ctrl' and 'C' together
  • Go to the Discussion Board and to the new thread or reply in which you want to post the image
  • Above the large box for the message you will see a row of icons. The 6th from the left is a square with a picture in it (mountains and the sun)
  • If you hover the cursor over this it should read "Insert/Edit Image"
  • Left Click on this icon and press "Ctrl+V" - your image should appear.
  • Add any text or message, above or below the image.
  • Check what you have by pressing "Preview" and if you are happy press "Post".
  •   I found this by trial and error and Bob can let us know if there is a simpler way. This is a different technique to that used to upload images to "" where, in photobucket, the 4th box down "IMG Code" seems to do the trick. - This didn't work for me with the NZSGB Board.

    Hope that helps


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