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5/7/2009, 2:23 pm

Re: Posting Images

VR has given a good account of how to upload an image from photobucket. I am afraid that I cannot give specific advice on this as I do not have a photobucket account, but upload images from my own web space and do the following. What I do on is much the same.

As VR says, above the box in which you are posting a new thread or reply there is a row of icons. If you hover over the 6th icon from the left, it shows 'Insert/Edit Image'. If you click on that, a window pops up with the title 'Add an Image'. It includes a box for the URL. If you know the address (URL) of your photobucket image then you can paste it into that box. You then click on 'Add Link' and the link to the image is inserted in the Discussion Board. By pressing 'Preview' you can see what has happened.

If you want to know what the URL of a photobucket image looks like then go to VR's post on AR and right click on one of his images and then choose 'Properties' on the drop down menu - that shows the address (URL) of the image.

Remember that you need to keep the image on photobucket as all our Discussion Board has is a link, not the actual image.

Hope that is not too confusing.


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