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15/10/2009, 4:34 pm

Re: Advert for ship to New Zealand in 1851

Nice item Bob

A quick web search threw up a number of references to The Norfolk and this sailing. Looks as though it was a long passage.

On one of the Roots.web sites there is a list of ships arriving at Nelson (much seems to have come from the book listed below, which is referenced on the web site). According to the site the Norfolk arrived in Nelson on 21 September 1851.
Information on numerous of these ships visits to Nelson, has been kindly provided by Peter Raggett, of Nelson, from his book "Square Rigged Sailing Ships Visiting Nelson - 1841 to 1910"

According to a further website ( the Norfolk had arrived at Auckland on 18 August 1851.

The web site ( has the following:- Norfolk, 349 tons, Captain Kreeft, sailed 17th March, arrived 18th August. Protracted passage, 165 days, owing to calms and head winds.



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