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5/11/2009, 1:05 am

Re: Advice on NZ printers proofs.


Most of the material that comes to market from the 1882 Second Sidefaces through the 1898s, Ed Vll to GV is from the plates. Some of this is proof material, or more correctly colour trials as they are often in colours other than the issued colour, printed in preparation for issue. However a lot of material is re-printed at a later date from the original plates. The commonest examples of this are the late reprints of the 1882 second sidefaces in black. These are offically sanctioned prints from the original plates but were actually printed in the 1890s. Plate proofs of this issue do exist (1d and 2d in the issued colours - scarce and of the of the 1/2d, 21/2d and 5d - in a range of colours and reasonably common, but still pricey). Pulls also exist of these from the dies. These are scarcer but be wary of anything with narrow margins described as 'die proofs'. Die proofs should have good wide margins on all 4 sides.

As for the Chalons I can do no better than refer you to the Society web pages. Go to "New Zealand Stamp Images" then to "The full face queens" and finally to "Hausberg and Jolliffe reprints". This will tell you all you need to know about most of the Chalon "proofs" that appear on sites like e-Bay. Very collectable but only when the price is reasonable.

Moving to more modern material, there is quite abit of genuine proof material around from the GVl and early QEll period. Usually imperf and in the issued colours.

For other issues the RPSNZ Handbooks have all the info. If you need specific info on a particular issue then feel free to ask the questions here. Somebody in the Society will have access to the handbooks and will be more than happy to look it up for you.




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