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Removing Self Adhesive Stamps From Paper | View Entire Thread
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12/4/2010, 5:25 pm

Removing Self Adhesive Stamps From Paper

I'm sure, like me, many members have struggled to remove the new 'self adhesive' stamps from paper before mounting.

RolyRJ, who has contributed elsewhere to this forum, has done some research on this sticky subject! He has prepared a video to help people tackle the problem.

Now before you reach for those piles of stamps you have saved up it is important to say that here in the UK we do still have a problem. RolyRJ uses a proprietary fluid called "Fuelite" which is available in New Zealand. In Australia a similar product is available called "Shellite". The key ingredient appears to be n-Hexane (present at a concentration of 196g/L in Fuelite). Neither Fuelite or Shellite are available in the UK and, so far, I have not found anything similar with n-Hexane in it for sale in the UK.

If anyone else has experience of removing these stamps - and leaving them totally clean and non-tacky (some articles have suggested using lighter fluid and then dusting with powdered chalk because the stamps are still sticky) please add to this thread.

Anyone who is aware of solvent or fluid, containing the necessary level of n-Hexane, which is commercially available in the UK then please post details here.



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