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12/4/2010, 10:48 pm

Re: Removing Self Adhesive Stamps From Paper


Having read your post and watched the youtube clip, here are a few additional bits and pieces.

Firstly, lighter fluid is butane rather than hexane, but is recommended by a number of others.  The main difference seems to be in the time that the stamps have to be left in the liquid (4 minutes with butane, few seconds with hexane.)

This article gives a bit more information which you might find useful.

I've managed to remove a number of self adhesive NZPost stamps recently  (the Wacky Letterbox stamps) using only clean,  tepid water.  The stamps needed to be left for about 20 minutes before they came off most of the paper, then the remaining gum and paper came off with the steel ruler as shown in the clip.

As a science teacher (though sadly not of chemistry!)  I have access to n-hexane as well as most of the other alkanes.  I'll have a chat with my more chemically inclined colleagues and try out a few mixtures on some used Machins and cheaper NZ material.  I'll post my results in a couple of weeks or so.



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