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Removing Self Adhesive Stamps From Paper | View Entire Thread
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15/4/2010, 10:05 pm

Re: Removing Self Adhesive Stamps From Paper

A few additional comments that RolyRJ provided to me:-

After destroying many stamps with harsh products such as MEK, Acetone,
various degreasers, etc etc and getting no where, I decided to get hold of the manufacturers of these die cut self adhesive stamps here in NZ.

After many hours of discussions I mangaed to find out who the original suppliers of the paper stock were.

They were an Overseas country and so after many emails they finally said that the most effective 'solvent' for the adhesive they used on these NZ stamps would have to include n-Hexane.

Armed with this information I scoured the Hardware stores reading masses of labels and specification labels until I finally found Fuelite which has 196 g/l of n-Hexane.

I look forward to hearing the results of your experiments and the experiences of others.



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