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Classic NZ

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23/4/2011, 11:18 pm

Use of Mounts

Just looking through some old posts, in particular the post on philatelic displays.  

VR in his reply said, with regards to the use of Hawid type stamp mounts something like, "the purists would say don't touch them."  

I'm intrigued by this as, given the current fad, not to mention premium for unmounted mint, I'm wondering what the pusrists alternative would be.   Surely no-one today would suggest hinging a previously unmounted mint stamp?

The other thing that intrigues me is how so many unmounted mint stamps seem to have survived the passage of time, unmounted mint, given that in yesteryear mint stamps were invariably mounted, and often by some fairly unsuitable means and materials.

My observation/query is purely academic in its intent but I would be interested in some explanations, theories etc.

Any answers anyone?



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