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Gems of Australasian Philately - Your Views? 
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7/7/2011, 2:00 pm

What is a Gem?

As part of the New Zealand Society's 60th birthday celebrations we are undertaking a publication jointly with the British Society of Australian Philately and the Pacific Islands Study Circle.

In outline this will be an A5 size (c 150mm x 210mm) book with about 100 pages and entitled 'Gems of Australasian Philately'. Each page will have a coloured illustration of a philatelic item ( a single stamp, blcok or cover) and a brief explanatory note about its significance. The items should be generally available to collectors rather than archival material. The New Zealand Society of Great Britain will be allocated about one third of the pages.

Our aim is to highlight about thirty important philatelic items from New Zealand. Some, such as SG1, are iconic and elect themselves but there are many others that may not spring immediately to mind but which represent an important step in the development of stamp production or postal services in the country.

What stamp or cover do you think should be included in such a publication?

Some suggestions so far:-  
  • pre-stamp or missionary period cover

  • 2/- or 5/- First Side Face     (first stamps prepared and produced exclusively in NZ)
  • Adverts on the underside of Second Sideface Issue
  • 1898 - block of 5/- Mt Cook or a marginal block with scratched plate number
  • early coil strip
  • King Ed Vll - booklet pane with star
  • King GV - booklet pane with marginal adverts, e.g. Cameron Bros.
  • Early  Health Stamps - smiling boys?
  • 1960s missing colour - (impact of widespread use of photogravure printing processes)
  • 1970s - 4c booklet pane with inverted veins
  • Health Stamp with teddy bear
  • Pigeon Post
  • 1931 Eartquake flight mail (relevance to recent earthquakes)
  • The first CAL
  • Diaster Mail
  • Early mail by sea
  • Rail mail
  • Revenues - e.g., high value arms stamps

  • Remember these are just suggestions

    What do you think we should include?

    Should we try to have a chronological coverage or should we go for more items with the ''wow" factor - the kinds of items you might expect to see in the pages of auction catalogues for key sales such as Hackmey, Gawaine Baillie or Midas?

    Post a reply with your thoughts.



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