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1929 Health stamps | View Entire Thread
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7/5/2012, 5:06 pm

1929 Health stamps

On 27 November 1929 the Government Printer was instructed to print 2M of these stamps and on 5 December a further supply was ordered. (per Handbook Vol1 p402)

Question 1.  Some blocks in my collection have buffer bars in the top margin and some don't.  Were these from the different printings; which were which; any other explanantion?

Question 2.  Some upper margins are 40mm; some are 13mm.   Some left hand and right hand margins are 20mm; some are 4mm.  It is unlikely that sheets was guillotined, as some later issues were, because sheets were only 80 stamps in 8 horizontal rows of 10.  Or was a "sheet" the result of cutting up an even larger printing.  Any other ideas?

All information would be welcomed.


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