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Advice on NZ Printers Proofs | View Entire Thread
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25/5/2012, 10:22 am

Advice on NZ Printers Proofs

I am a late comer to the Notice Board and perhaps you are happy with the advice that you have been given.
However I would just like to correct an inference that seem to have been implied and that is related to the Chalon issues.
There are no printers proofs recorded.
There are Plate Proofs and Die Proofs
Both of these two categories if genuine will be expensive
Often you will see Hausberg Reproductions offered as 'proofs' and the same situation applies in relation to the Jolliffe Reproductions.
Both of these categories were printed by the NZ Government Printer, Wellington.
So beware of Chalon material offered as 'Printers Proofs'


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