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3/5/2015, 11:21 pm

Re: Pigeon Post

Thanks very much for your kind response. I might have to contact stampmogul through StampBoards. I have another question relating to Pigeon Posts. "The Oded Eliashar Award-Winning Collection of Worldwide Pigeon Post Mail" was scheduled for auction on Friday 20th December 2002 through Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, New York (Sale 854). However, I note from Prestige Philately's "The Eighth International Rarities Auction" on 10th April 2010 that "The sale of Oded Eliashar's collection in New York in 2002 was cancelled". It seems that some of Oded Eliashar's collection appeared in the Prestige Philately auction. Does anyone have any information as to why the 2002 auction was cancelled? Also, what happened to the other material that did not go through Prestige Philately. Thanks very much, with kind regards, Moa

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