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8/1/2015, 2:43 pm

F J P Boric Covers

As part of my Christmas Collection for New Zealand I have lots of First Day Covers. I would like more information on F J P Boric and his covers:

1. From Stephen Jones books it would appear that Boric first issued covers in 1962 for the Health issue, continuing up to 1994. Covers were not issued in several of these years.
2. No Boric covers are in Jones book for Commemorative issues.
3. I have Boric Christmas covers for 1974 - 1983, 1988, 1989 and 1995. Were there covers for the missing years?
4,. Was the 1964 cover - Jones Catalogue X64.1H - a Boric cover - it certainly has the style?

Can anyone elucidate me on some background to F J P Boricx or point me in the right direction? As far as I can ascertain he was a leading light in the World Wide Pen Friends Club in Auckland and operated out of or used the facilities of the Aotearoa Stamp Company to produce the covers. The Aotearoa Stamp Company is no longer in business.

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