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5/2/2015, 9:55 pm

Re: F J P Boric Covers

I can find little about Boric’s covers, but I have found information about his non-philatelic activities.  He features as a key witness to the Commission of Inquiry into “Hubbard Scientology” in New Zealand which reported in June 1969.  It seems that Mr Boric, “who since 1961 has carried on a small independent business as a stamp dealer and manufacturing stationer in Queens Arcade in Auckland”, objected when the Scientologists set up an office in the Arcade, “accosted people walking through, giving them pamphlets and asking them to have a personality test”.  In response the Scientologists handed Boric an “Ethics Order” declaring that he was “in a Condition of Enemy to and a Suppressive Person to Scientology”.  Mr Boric “regarded this as a declaration of war and took strong counter-measures”, which you can read all about at

The NZ Electoral Rolls list Frederick Joseph Peter Boric as a storeman living in Wynyard Street, Devonport in 1957 and 1963 and as a stationer living in Gillette Road, Roskill, in 1969.  According to Wikipedia the Boric family hailed from Dalmatia (now part of Croatia).  F J P Boric was born in New Zealand and, in 1983, so was his son Anthony Frank Boric.  Anthony is a rugby player and played with the All Blacks in 2008-11.

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